VCU Job Summary Tool

Every University employee is assigned a job that matches the duties and responsibilities they are expected to perform at a given level. The job summary tool is organized into three parts:
  • Job: A compilation of duties and responsibilities that one would expect to perform at any given level of knowledge, skills, and experience. Each job is assigned a job title and an associated market-based salary range that provides the minimum and maximum expected pay.
  • Job Series: The majority of jobs are designed with a base job and a senior job, composed of three levels each, creating a series. The series provides for significant career and pay growth opportunities.
  • Job Family: A grouping of related jobs in a functional area (i.e. Finance, Technology, Research). There are 18 job families at VCU.
View general job descriptions for every job at the university. Your specific job may not match any of these job summaries exactly; job summaries are meant to be general descriptions of the scope of work and level of authority for jobs you might find in any organization. This helps us ensure that VCU is offering a competitive salary for each job.
(University staff, don't know your job title? Go to MyVCU or Talent@VCU, My Profile to confirm.)